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For their fans, smoothies are their daily portion of health and fitness and even make them happy, because they can be made without specific cooking skills and combine the properties and benefits of their ingredients into a balanced and effective mixture. What are the ingredients of a smooth workspace solution that leads to happy end users, a happy IT department and a happy company alike?




In many organizations, the happiness and fitness or productivity of end users, the IT department and the entire company are rather clouded, since work styles have undergone radical changes. While in the past administrators provisioned the required applications for their users on an in-house server within the company’s own data center, today’s provisioning and sourcing models are increasingly based on web or SaaS applications.

Companies use at least ten and very often many more external SaaS applications, which results in a high degree of complexity for both the users and the IT staff. Users are challenged to memorize various passwords, user IDs and web addresses; the IT staff, on the other hand, must master environments where both personal and business applications are used for business purposes – quite an unhappy situation, since they lack a transparent overview of assets and licenses, which in turn limits their cost control possibilities or makes such control even impossible.

Our Recipe…. Ingredients for the Smooth Workspace
MyWorkspace provides the recipe for the happiness- and productivity-inducing workspace. The solution consists of a combination of the following “ingredients”:

  1. For the end users
    • One single password for everything; automatic and secure log-in to all business applications;
    • No more URL madness; company favorites for easy access to applications;
    • Everywhere access to workspace; company access from anywhere and at any time.
  2. For the IT staff
    • Higher security levels; automated on- and off-boarding processes for employees;
    • Highly granular access; role-based access control for business applications, data and IDs
    • Compliance management and audit of security requirements for employees and IT staff.
  3. For the company
    • Continued use of existing systems; use and enhancement of existing infrastructures to integrate SaaS and web applications;
    • Easy integration of all application types; SaaS, web and legacy applications can be added with one click.
    • Cost optimization; management and optimization of subscriptions for SaaS and web applications.

The clouds will soon be lifted, and the mood will brighten considerably once the many app clouds above people’s heads are removed to make way for the sun to come through and each user works with his or her personal cloud only.

Have our ingredients wet your appetite for the smooth workspace? Then have a look at our recipe in more detail: MyWorkspace by Matrix42. The device-independent workspace of the future.

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