We all hate unboxing gadgets, right?

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Celje, Slovenia - January 22, 2016: Studio shot of an iPhone 6s Space Gray Rear view unboxing with earpods and cable
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It’s your first day in your new company. You’ve been through the application process which was fun. But let’s be honest – it was quite challenging. So your first day at work is expected to be the reward for that. Hopefully in the end it’s not just unboxing gadgets nobody really cares about!

If you’re like me, you hate unboxing fancy gadgets

So after this long first day where you get to know everyone and learn about all those processes at your new employment, you’re really happy if someone already fling open the brand new tablet and phone your company provides you to fulfil your duties.

Wait, no… we love unboxing!

Tech companies these days make a major deal out of the unboxing experience. Especially Apple does something magical to you, when you carefully zip open the cellophane film and the reflection of the white box almost blinds you. Wow, isn’t that amazing? I love it!

So why would anyone take this awesome experience away from you? The answer is simple. Most Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions require your Internal Service Provider (ISP/IT) to “touch the device”. Meaning they need to tear open your new device to start it and take it under management. Of course they’re very careful doing it, but if you’re in a hurry and you’re doing this a dozen times a day, the magic is gone and it could happen that one of the dozen devices your taking under management at the same time falls down – at least it’s still working.

We want our devices to be provided with zero touch by our IT

And trust me, your IT wants that too! Imagine the amount of time they could spare not carrying parcel boxes around or clipping tiny SIM cards and maneuvering them in the mobile devices. Stuff like this keeps them from innovating and improving their services.

With Matrix42 Mobile Service Management you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Your IT will ask Apple, Google or Microsoft to ship your loved ones directly to you. First of all you’ll have the full unboxing experience and your service provider can focus on making this service even better.

Restoring your mobility after loss

Seems like we all loose our devices from time to time. So we call our Service Desk and ask them to quickly wipe the device remotely. Because we’re having a EMM Solution, they can do it quickly – no harm done.

But now imagine you’re in a different time zone, it’s a weekend or you just can’t remember those numbers to dial them. This would be one of the days where you wish to have a natively integrated Service Management Solution with your Enterprise Mobility Management.

Not only could you quickly do a self service wipe. But you could also instantly order a new device to the location of your preference. Your internal service provider (ISP/IT) of course has a contract with a professional dealer that ships the device to the location of your choice – probably even with same day delivery. With Matrix42 Mobile Service Management, including Silverback by Matrix42 and the Matrix42 Service Catalog, you can even enroll the device yourself. All you have to remember is your companies homepage offering the Matrix42 Service Catalog. Two clicks later and all your apps are reinstalled, preconfigured and you’re good to go.

So instead of waiting weeks until the device has been shipped to your IT. They unboxed it, configured it, taken it under management and then send it to you. You’d be back on the road within hours! The only dependencies you’d have to worry about are modern parcel services.

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