A Leatherman for the personal workspace

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A Leatherman for the personal workspace
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In 1975, American engineer Tim Leatherman came up with the idea for the Leatherman while travelling through Europe on holiday. The inspiration: his car broke down and he was in dire need of a toolbox. Since then, the practical multifunctional tool has achieved legendary status, and is loved the world over. The reason is obvious: it offers the right tool for many different requirements, and is therefore invaluable in a wide range of situations at home, on the road and at work. We’ll have to wait and see whether MyWorkspace will achieve similar acclaim – it’s a much younger tool than the Leatherman. But in terms of its multifunctional capabilities, it’s just as impressive.

That’s because, just as the Leatherman is not just a screwdriver, MyWorkspace is not just an Identity and Access Management solution. In fact, MyWorkspace is the only solution on the market that combines workspace compliance, device management, SaaS and Web applications, as well as content integration and remote maintenance, all within one Web-based platform. For users, this means:

  1. Access to all applications and data – anytime and from any device – with one login. A browser and a password are enough for access to a complete working environment from anywhere.
  2. All applications and data are stored and managed securely in the cloud, and are therefore accessible from any location or device.
  3. The user can customize his “workspace”, the MyWorkspace Launchpad, and set favorite applications, so everything he needs to start working is all in one place.
  4. Borderless working, because MyWorkspace is deeply integrated with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

All applications – device-agnostic and secure

The goal of MyWorkspace is to provide users with secure access to all their applications, independently of the device they are using, bearing in mind that every application has its own characteristics or DNA. The IoS developers at Apple use different standards for their design when compared with those Microsoft uses for the typical Windows 10 desktop experience. Both approaches are justified and make sense for users. And crucially, MyWorkspace doesn’t act as a disruptive element that diverges from these familiar environments. Instead, it integrates natively into the existing landscape. This makes Workspace 4.0 comfortable for the user, and ensures they don’t have to waste time learning how to use unfamiliar interfaces.

The right tool for every platform

Just as the Leatherman has the right tool for every task, MyWorkspace offers the right tool for every platform:

  • The HTML5 Launchpad for browser-based access enables access to be provided to every device, even bring your own devices, as well as devices that are not managed by the central IT function. The user starts his day with just a single click, and gets fast access to his most important SaaS and Web applications via the favorites on the Launchpad.
  • The browser extension for OS devices offers direct, fast and efficient access to workspaces directly within the browser.
  • The native Windows 10 and OS X clients feature seamless integration with Search and Spotlight. This allows Web applications to be integrated quickly and simply.
  • The Matrix42 Mobile App brings users’ cloud workspaces to their mobile devices.

The Leatherman offers a wide range of tools; how they are used is up to the creativity and preferences of the user. It’s just the same with MyWorkspace. Users can personalize their login and workspace environments, log in via external identity providers such as Google or Facebook if they prefer, access user-defined apps, or apply company branding throughout the tool. And of course, MyWorkspace has practical tools for IT professionals too – but more about that another time. The multifunctional capabilities of the MyWorkspace ‘Leatherman’ provide enough material for more blog posts. Hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

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