Work 4.0 – what’s your opinion on it?

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Will work 4.0 make employees largely redundant in the future?

Several pessimistic studies paint a grim picture. They assume that digitalization and automation (work 4.0) threaten one in two jobs. However: The Center for European Economic Research investigated which jobs could really be eliminated through technological developments in the next 10-20 years. The study found that only 12% of jobs have a high chance of being automated.

So, when will the machines take over exactly? Is resistance already useless, and when will we become extinct?

For me, deciding whether I participate in every trend, try every tool, or sit them out, is an exciting challenge. To educate myself, to decide to implement a new tool, or bow to the company’s decision to implement one, is also exciting. As a result it makes a big contribution to the attractiveness of my working environment.

Above all, I see the millennial generation as a big opportunity for the company. They are digital natives who can drive the development of the organization through their approach. Millennials are under high performance pressure and the need to adapt for their entire lives. Generation Y approaches work and life in a different way to older people. Todays young people want a lot of flexibility and freedom at work, but still value job security, and want enough time for a fulfilling private life. And they do not only have different needs, but come up with different solutions!

Millenials @ work 4.0

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These days – at 45 years – I learned that I’m already considered ‘old’. Great! There is a typical digital native sitting to my left in the office, living work 4.0. And to be honest, if she didn’t take my phone or mouse out of my hand every now and again with the now legendary comment, “Let me show you something quickly”, I would really miss it! I have the opportunity to learn on the job whilst having fun, because I have a younger colleague. Finally I take this as a chance.

The discussions around this work 4.0 are endless, and therefore extremely exciting. There are countless aspects that need to be taken into consideration and debated. I see “smart working” as an opportunity. As I said, I’m an optimist. How do you see it? What are you?

Which group do you belong to?

Early Adopter

Do you look forward to innovations most of all? And are you impatient to start working in a smarter way rather today than tomorrow?


Finally, do you see the future of work in a positive light? Although you don’t need to be the first to try out all the innovations?


Do you view technological developments at work in a neutral way? Do you trust in your reason and adaptability?


Do you surrender to your working destiny and try to bear with dignity what you can’t avoid anyway?


Do all these much-discussed developments make you unsure? Does that drive you to really try to understand them?


I look forward to your comments. I’m really keen on knowing how this young community thinks!

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1 thought on “Work 4.0 – what’s your opinion on it?”

  • Madelyn Hernandez says:

    I definitely count myself to the group of early adopters. Why? Because i just always can’t wait to try out new stuff and i am pretty impatient, for example every time a website needs like days to load or an app that isn’t running as fast as i’d like to work. I think there is always a better, faster way to do things and I love to challenge myself every day to continuously improve my work and myself.