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Microsoft has managed to take the biggest slice of the productivity suite cake with Office 365. Nearly all businesses (91.4%) are already using Office 365, and uptake is increasing at breakneck speed. Recent research conducted by Skyhigh Networks confirms its dominance. The survey evaluated the anonymized cloud usage of more than 27 million employees in over 600 companies across the globe. The result: One in five company employees is already using a cloud service from the Office 365 suite. In today’s modern, mobile, cloud-based working environment, Microsoft remains the central ecosystem for most companies and end users. But combining Office 365 with MyWorkspace provides users and IT departments with even more benefits. Or in other words, with MyWorkspace, you can get even more from Office 365 – it’s the cherry on the cake, if you will.

3 convincing benefits

The reason is that MyWorkspace offers three extremely valuable benefits when used in combination with Office 365.

Account provisioning

Office 365 is provisioned dynamically, it’s connected to Microsoft Azure, and SaaS app accounts can also be used via MyWorkspace. Users can access MyWorkspace on all their business devices – it becomes the central access portal for all their applications. Moreover, there is no need for them to worry about how those applications are being managed in the background. At the same time, IT retains control of the applications, as well as the associated licensing and costs. That’s because through MyWorkspace, Office 365 is connected to a virtual account, and MyWorkspace provisions accounts on demand. If accounts are no longer required, they can be deleted through the MyWorkspace provisioning engine. And IT can define a grace period to enable a dynamic deletion of unused accounts.

Office 365 compliance

IT retains control over licenses and costs for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure subscriptions, and can optimize them as required. MyWorkspace also offers integrated application usage tracking, as well as reporting and analysis dashboards. This enables IT to keep an eye on application usage continuously. The required data capture can also be anonymized if necessary. And all of this data can easily be made available within the Matrix42 Compliance Suite.

Anywhere access

MyWorkspace gives users secure access to Office 365 and other SaaS applications via any physical, mobile or virtual workspace. They can also personalize their workspace to maximize productivity and convenience.

Implementation in three steps

The implementation of the Office 365 MyWorkspace combination is fast and easy. Only 3 steps are required.

  1. MyWorkspace can connect to multiple corporate directories and combine them into a single virtual cloud directory. No changes to the existing identity infrastructure are required. And there is no need to add infrastructure elements, or change existing firewall and security settings.
  2. In Step 2, Office 365 connects to MyWorkspace. This enables users to register for Office 365 using their existing corporate account. There is no need to remember new login data or get used to new interfaces. Existing access rights are also retained.
  3. There is also no need to make changes to existing corporate roles and group structures. These organizational structures can be taken directly from the corporate directory. As a result, they can be used for the automated license accounting in Office 365 through MyWorkspace.

So, just as the cherry makes the cake taste extra sweet, Office 365 becomes even easier to use thanks to MyWorkspace.

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