Customer Day 2016: meet-up, interesting demos, networking …

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Unfortunately, our annual Customer Day is already over! Actually there were two this year. One in Mainz on October 4th, and one in Hamburg on October 27th. What we really did was clone the original Customer Day, because demand was so high. With over 250 participants both events were very well attended. Our core topic was: “Workspace 4.0 – the future of the workplace”. The focus was firmly on the evolving requirements of office and knowledge working for the future. As well as customers, we welcomed experts from the Fraunhofer Insititute for Industrial Engineering and Organization, and the Experton Group.

I’ll admit that I’m very proud of what we offered this year. The program covered more that 30 specialist presentations from Matrix42. Dr Henning Dransfeld, Managing Advisor at the Experton Group AG, presented on a particularly exciting topic: “Digital Workspace – hype or already reality?” Our customer presentations, which provided a practical perspective on using our products, were also extremely interesting. Klaus Ziegerhofer, Senior Analyst IT Delivery at Magna, presented on: “The Road to global ITSM – structuring and managing Service Management on a global scale“. It provided a great overview of how a global organization structures its processes. Matthias Ott, Head of IT at HELUKABEL GmbH, presented on: “The transformation of a midsized IT organization: from manual tasks to automated processes”. And Dr. Stefan Rief from the Fraunhofer Institute used his guest presentation to explain his research work as part of the OFFICE 21 innovation offensive. Matrix42 is also involved in this project as a partner.

Customer Day 2016 Innovation Award

Furthermore an essential element of our Customer Day is the Innovation Award. Every year, we recognize customer projects that perfectly exemplify the innovative implementation and smart integration of Matrix4 solutions. The 2017 winners are:

Landratsamt Karlsruhe – recognized for their service platform based on multiple Matrix42 solutions.

Phoenix Contact – recognized for creative customizing in correlation with high-end automation in Workspace Management

Many congratulations to both!

For me, our Customer Day is always one of the highlights of the year. After all, when else do we have a similar opportunity to get to know our customers better and enjoy such extensive discussions? I really enjoy it, even though the organization and management beforehand, onsite, and post-event really stretch us every year. The Customer Day lets us thank our customers personally for their trust and their close collaboration with us. After all, at the end of the day, everything we do is focused on our customers.

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