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MyWorkspace – the future of secure access - Matrix42 Blog

Last week, I painted a picture of my how my working day looks without VPNs and password hell. I think I may also have mentioned how much I love it! However, while user benefits are great, they aren’t enough to get solutions like MyWorkspace approved by IT departments and business managers. They want ROI, proof of value and a secure solution that just works. Here’s how Matrix42 MyWorkspace delivers in all these areas.


Simplified security for IT


IT professionals want technology solutions that are easy to manage and provide maximum security with minimum effort. MyWorkspace offers the highest security in the on- and off-boarding of employees, because access to applications and corporate data (Identity & Access Management) can be granted and withdrawn automatically. And role-based access controls ensure employees can only use the content and applications they have been authorized to access in MyWorkspace. All of which makes it much easier to ensure compliance guidelines are met.


Maximum ROI for your business


No sane business manager wants to rip and replace existing IT investments just because a newer, better solution comes along. MyWorkspace lets you use all your existing systems and provide easy, centralized access to any and all applications within the enterprise – SaaS, Web or legacy applications, it just doesn’t matter. And with complete control over who is using what and how, you can optimize your costs sustainably, while freeing up scarce IT staff to focus on strategic issues, not just low value support.


Easy, efficient, safe mobile working for all


Essentially, MyWorkspace turns the humble browser – whichever one you prefer – you’re your company’s new operating system. Every app, all your data, all accessible securely, whenever and wherever, through a single, personalized web interface. It sounds innovative because it is. In fact, the ITAM Review awarded it their Excellence Award 2016, one of the most prestigious awards for IT innovation.


And the best news of all: you can try it for free, anytime. Try MyWorkspace here now!


This was the last in my mini-series of blog posts on secure browsing and access management. Next week’s post will focus on the security management benefits of using Avira Antivirus with Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management. Don’t miss it!

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