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UEM solutions enable the management of multiple endpoints
UEM solutions enable the management of multiple endpoints

The Gartner Magic UEM Quadrant’s history

When Gartner replaces its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Magic Quadrant with one for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), you know it’s a sign that the UEM approach has reached critical mass. Of course, the EMM quadrant was itself a 2014 replacement for the Mobile Device Management (MDM) quadrant, first published in 2011. That makes two redefinitions of the mobility management market in just 7 years. Proof, if any were needed, of how quickly user behavior – and therefore enterprise IT requirements – have changed.

When MDM became EMM, it was because development and usage of the solutions had expanded beyond simple device management to include application and content management. In 2018, the evolution of the Gartner Magic Quadrant to UEM has been driven by a number of factors. These include:


  • the overall increase in the number of operating systems that solutions now support
  • the adoption of Windows 10
  • the increasing number and variety of endpoints being added to enterprise networks through the growth of the Internet of Things


The essential of UEM

UEM solutions enable the management of multiple endpoint types within a single, integrated interface. They are designed to configure, manage and monitor endpoints running any major OS, as well as IoT and wearable devices. They also unify the application of profiles and policies to endpoints, consolidate information on users of multiple devices, and help orchestrate related technologies with endpoint relevance, such as security infrastructures.

Matrix42’s approach to UEM combines its proven EMM and client management functionality with management tools for identity and access, software assets and service desk. Users are empowered with easy-to-use self-service capabilities for software catalog integration and approvals. Organizations also benefit from the rapid resolution of a wide range of endpoint support issues, and per user pricing that allows for an unlimited number of fixed and mobile devices.

Matrix42 UEM provides one of the simplest ways for organizations of all kinds to future-proof control of their endpoints and related management processes.

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