HackWeek 2019: hack was in the air …

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HackWeek 2019

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…everywhere I looked around. Hack was in the air, every sight and every sound. At the end of January 2019 the air vibrated in the Bavariastudios in Munich. Because the HackWeek 2019 of Matrix42 and diva-e digital Value Excellence showed how much innovative power is in the employees of both companies. In short: 200 participants, 31 hacks carried out and six awards for the best hacks – that makes us proud!


HackWeek 2019: tradition, creative minds and fun

The Hackweek is a tradition at Matrix42. But it is not traditional. On the contrary: HackWeek 2019 was full of creativity, passion and team spirit. For the first time this year, developers, project managers and graphic designers from diva-e worked together with the Matrix42 development teams for four days on innovative ideas. Around 200 experts from Kiev, Minsk, Frankfurt, Jena, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart travelled to Munich. This makes our HackWeek 2019 one of the largest hackathons in Germany.


HackWeek 2019: six hacks gained prizes

During Hackweek 2019, the hack teams worked out prototypes or BETA versions. This year, six topic categories gained prizes. 46 hacks were submitted, 31 of which were carried out. Among them were some with potential, which will be taken over into the Matrix42 product development. Here are our winners:


  • Category: The feature-rich hack
    • Project team “Lantern” has given everything, here’s more about the hack
  • Category: The greatest hack idea
    • Project team “AI support ex machina” had a lot of fun, here’s more about the hack
  • Category: The hottest hack
    • Project team “Great Employee Experience with Matrix42 Solution Builder” has delivered a convincing look & feel vision, here’s more about the hack
  • Category: The multicultural hack
    • Project team “Kernel Panic” performed cross-cultural, here’s more about the hack
  • Category: The visionary hack
    • Project team “Smart Trash” has shown us all how the creative use of technology has an immediate effect on the community, here’s more about the hack
  • Category: The FUNtastic hack team
    • Project team “Hearty Party” are simply the born party planners, here’s more about the hack

HackWeek 2019 participants

HackWeek 2019, to be continued…

Finally, I feel the need to write that the commitment and creativity of our employees have once again made HackWeek an extraordinary event this year. An event that strengthens the team spirit and from which our customers, partners and ourselves benefit in practice. The Hackweek is simply a highlight in the annual calendar! In any case, I am already looking forward to 2020, when it will again be ‘Hack is in the air…'”.

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