Enterprise Service Management is Top Priority

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Enterprise service management for non-IT departments
Enterprise service management is crucial to digital transformation and “new work.”

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Over two thirds of the surveyed companies plan on investing in enterprise service management for the first time in the next one to three years. According to a Research in Action GmbH* study published in March 2019. Moreover, they expressed a clear preference for doing so through local solution providers that focus on SMEs.

Digitalizing business processes is becoming increasingly popular among major SMEs. However, these shifts still require more support. Integrating standardized IT and enterprise service management is crucial to fully mastering the challenges of digital transformation and “new work.” This is the only way to optimally and securely organize, analyze, and maintain an overview of all business processes within a company.

This approach has is growing in popularity among major SMEs. The surveyed companies indicated that they felt the most important IT topic related to enterprise service management (ESM) is IT service management (ITSM) for non-IT assets. ITIL 4 ranked first when it came to planned investments in 2019.

SMEs planning enterprise service management rollout

As a result 42.7 percent of the survey participants indicated that they want to implement their first enterprise service management solution in the next one to three years. An additional 21.2 percent are planning a migration, while 26.4 percent will keep their existing solution. Only 8.1 percent don’t have any investments on their agendas. Based on these findings, it is likely that the majority of major German SMEs will have implemented ESM solutions by 2022.

Standardized systems and processes

The advantages of a homogenous IT landscape have been recognized for decades. Over half of companies are currently working with two to five different solutions for ITSM and enterprise service management. 32.4 percent are using between six and ten solutions.hile only 2.4 percent are following the “golden rule” of only relying on a single solution.

Over the long term, companies who rely on a consolidated solution will reap lasting benefits. Not only in terms of time and costs saved, but also in terms of significantly reduced rollout times for change processes.

Secure and simple digital work

Matrix42 ranked third among the top 20 German solution providers for enterprise service management, SaaS and software. On the strength of its Service Management, Software Asset Management, and MyWorkspace solutions. The company scored very highly in the important categories of cost/benefit ratio and customer satisfaction. In addition the experts from Research in Action consider the simple adaptability of the Matrix42 platform to be a significant competitive advantage. This allows customers to adapt existing processes and also design apps on the Matrix42 product platform. Without having to write as much as a single line of code.

“Matrix42 enterprise service management focuses on the end device user. You can really sense that,” said one of the survey takers (a Head of Infrastructure working in the processing industry).

*Research in Action GmbH surveyed a total of 750 IT Budget Managers from major German SMEs. “Major” means having an annual turnover of at least €50 million. The survey was carried out online as well as over the phone. The results are a ranking of the top 20 providers of enterprise service management in the German market.

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