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Cyber Security 2019: Matrix42 has the lead

Digital transformation is increasingly gaining traction in various business sectors. The consequence of this, however, is that the risk of cyberattacks is also on the rise. Digital workplace management in particular requires a high level of cyber security since the number of endpoint devices continues to grow. This also means that having access to a suitable range of business solutions is critical. Matrix42 has been honored in two categories related to this critical need in the ISG Provider Lens Report “Cyber Security 2019”. 

Almost two thirds of managers in Germany believe that the security solutions they use are outdated. Consequently companies need to increase their levels of investment in cyber security. The new quadrant included in the ISG Provider Lens Report analyzes the cyber security solutions and services offered by a variety of SMEs and large companies. This study puts the following categories under the microscope:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Cloud/Data Center Security
  • Security Services

Matrix42 scored particularly high with ISG Provider Lens in the Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, and Identity and Access Management categories. But what do these categories mean? 

Data Leakage / Loss Prevention, Data Security

DLP allows sensitive data to be identified and monitored. It ensures that this data does not fall into the wrong hands. The rise in the number of mobile devices in the digital workplace management sector has led to an increase in the risk of data being lost or stolen as a result of the numerous transfers that take place.

For the first time, Matrix42 is the leader in this category. The ‘Matrix42 Automated Endpoint Security’ and ‘EgoSecure Data Protection’ DLP solutions impressed in comparison to other solutions thanks to the following aspects:

  • The solutions offer a wide selection of key features and are constantly being expanded.
  • They include comprehensive service and support in German.
  • Matrix42 is highly visible both in Germany and abroad.
  • High degree of convenience for users – they can continue working while fully automated security is guaranteed in the background.
  • Matrix 42 is expanding its market reach – and the company is growing consistently as a result.

Identity & Access Management

IAM includes the capturing, recording, and management of user identities and is responsible for ensuring that only authorized users have access to accounts. The number of devices and users in the digital workplace management sector is constantly on the rise. Accordingly, it is becoming more and more difficult to manage and protect them.

In this category, Matrix42 received the Rising Star award. Therefore it is well on its way to becoming the market leader. The company’s ‘Matrix42 MyWorkspace’ IAM solution is a convincing one. This is because:

  • Matrix42 continues to expand its wide portfolio of business solutions.
  • The company has a highly visible presence both in Germany and abroad.
  • Matrix42’s indirect sales channels continue to grow, opening up new markets in the process.

Cyber security is crucial

Finally IT security is becoming corporate security. It’s not just IT systems that suffer in the event of cyberattacks, but the company as a whole. The security solutions from Matrix42 offer comprehensive protection for digital workplace management. This means both managers and employees can enjoy the benefits.

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