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Podcast Project for Heightened Visibility

Diversity has been a popular topic for some time now and become an important requirement for companies in the meantime. All the differences and how we consciously deal with them in our society are in the focus. Diversity embraces different dimensions. These include gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, or social background, for example. The aim is to create equal opportunities for all people and to reduce the disadvantages experienced by certain groups of people.

These dimensions also have an impact on working life, consciously or unconsciously. For this reason, companies have to create a safe environment for all employees – one in which everyone feels comfortable. Diversity is not only a decisive factor in recruiting. There are also many opportunities to integrate it and show the support in the daily work routine.

How we live diversity at Matrix42

This topic is a high priority at Matrix42. As an IT company, Matrix42 is also faced by the challenge of making the industry more appealing to women. When you promote diversity, you create a friendly working atmosphere in which everyone feels valued and can address things openly. In addition, the diversity of a group generates new creative impulses through which the entire company can grow. In order to attract young new talent, companies need to be diverse and show visibility.

The trainees at Matrix42 have started an initiative to further advance the topic of diversity. It will be introduced to employees in an informal manner.

Diversity challenge for the young talents

Six trainees at Matrix42 have launched a podcast series. The goal is to increase visibility for diversity and cause colleagues to think more about it.

“Our company represents many cultures through its international operations. We are a team of trainees in office management and technical areas and want to promote the topic of diversity at Matrix42,” says Julia Schmidt, office management trainee. 

The trainees cover a variety of topics in the podcast, which is available to all employees. For example, the two hosts play a quiz or talk to Kirsten Huber about promoting talented new female candidates and the changing view of gender in society.

“We want to transmit the diversity that we ourselves bring with us to the entire company and make it something very natural. Which is why we, the trainees, represent different dimensions such as sexual orientations, genders, age groups, and even six different cultures,” comments Mahjar Asgariannoor, IT systems management trainee at Matrix42.

The trainees carried out the podcast project as part of the Diversity Charter. Charta der Vielfalt e.V. is an initiative that promotes the recognition, appreciation, and inclusion of diversity in the workplace. It has set up a challenge in which Matrix42’s young new talents are also participating through their podcast series. Matrix42 Reloaded.

Exchanges with other companies

We are aware that diversity is a key to creativity, lifelong learning, and in particular, the success of a company. We want to develop this further and consciously engage in exchanges with other companies. 

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