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How to approve orders and service requests with ease

Organizations that offer their employees a similarly simple ordering and provisioning experience for services and goods as they are used to in the private consumer environment increase both employee satisfaction and process efficiency. However, if approval processes come to a standstill, these positive effects immediately dissipate. To prevent this, Matrix42 provides a solution that makes it easy for approvers to respond quickly and conveniently to service requests.

Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is dedicated to digital transformation by accelerating business processes across departments. At its core is the Matrix42 Service Catalog, which brings together hardware, software and service offerings from various corporate functions. Employees can use this dynamic tool to easily request the various services via a self-service portal. The spectrum ranges from hardware and software products to services that are available to employees in general or for specific roles or areas. This could be, for example, a service request to the facility management department to replace a defective lamp or the provision of an expensive software license for an Engineer employee.

Overcoming challenges in approval processes in real-life scenarios

Standardized, streamlined and efficient service processes are not only critical to improving your company's productivity and efficiency, but also ensure a high level of employee satisfaction and engagement. A survey by process management and automation specialist Nintex shows just how important this is. In a cross-industry survey of full-time employees in the US, Nintex found that the majority (86%) of employees surveyed who are actively looking for a new job complain about flawed corporate processes: From IT functions to administrative tasks to onboarding processes.

Despite the benefits of streamlined processes, approval bottlenecks can slow down progress. By implementing greater control and optimization of the approval steps, you can eliminate a lot of back and forth throughout the process, which can improve consistency and collaboration among the various parties involved in the process.

To avoid critical delays in important approval steps, we have developed the M42 Approvals for Microsoft Teams application for Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management users. The application enables approvers to receive notifications about approval steps and to swiftly respond directly from Microsoft Teams - without having to switch to another application.

Let's explore some real-world use cases to illustrate the benefits of efficient approval processes with M42 Approvals in combination with your Microsoft Teams collaboration environment:

Example Use Case 1: Cross-Department Collaboration

Imagine a scenario where a cross-departmental project requires approvals from team members in different locations. The M42 Approvals application enables seamless collaboration by allowing approvers to review and approve requests within the MS Teams environment, regardless of whether they have access to enterprise applications at their current location. This ensures that project timelines are met and promotes efficient cross-departmental workflows.

Example Use Case 2: Time-sensitive Document Approvals

In many cases, document approvals are often time-sensitive. Consider a situation where a sales contract urgently needs to be approved by the legal department before an important customer meeting. M42 Approvals sends real-time notifications in Microsoft Teams, allowing stakeholders to quickly review and approve documents. This accelerates the decision-making process and ensures that important business milestones are not delayed.

Example Use Case 3: Executive Approvals on the Go

Executives who are frequently on the road can find it difficult to stay on top of pending approvals. With M42 Approvals for Microsoft Teams, executives receive instant notifications, giving them the ability to review and approve critical decisions from their mobile devices. This level of flexibility ensures that managers can effectively contribute to the approval process from anywhere.

Example Use Case 4: Hierarchical Approvals for Budget Requests

For example, if budget requests need to be approved by multiple higher levels, M42 Approvals streamlines this process as well. The approvers at each hierarchical level are notified in good time so that they can access budget requests directly and approve them conveniently in MS Teams. This not only speeds up the approval chain, but also gives everyone involved an overview of the status of budget requests.

Example Use Case 5: Remote Team Collaboration

With the rise of remote work, teams are geographically dispersed. M42 Approvals application facilitates remote team collaboration by allowing approvers to seamlessly interact with and approve requests from different time zones. This ensures that business processes continue to flow smoothly and fosters collaboration among remote team members.

The various examples show how versatile M42 Approvals for Microsoft Teams can be used to increase the agility of approval workflows within a collaborative environment.


In today's hectic working environment, increasing process efficiency is of vital importance. Employee satisfaction is a key catalyst for increased commitment to achieving company goals. And employee satisfaction promotes talent retention and helps recruit new employees. Enterprise Service Management can facilitate the automation and acceleration of company-wide processes and services, directly impacting employee satisfaction. However, where manual intervention is required, such as for approval steps, a smooth process is also essential.

Are you ready to accelerate your digital business transformation? Explore the possibilities with our ESM solution.

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