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Effective IT support from anywhere: remote assistance tools revolutionize the way we work

Remote Assistance software

The new normal: COVID-era quarantine restrictions have had a lasting impact on work-from-home culture and the dynamics of team collaboration. This cultural shift is unlikely to ever return to the pre-COVID style of daily face-to-face work. In 2023, 28% of the global workforce worked remotely, and in the technology industry, as many as 67% of employees worked from home.

At the same time, companies are expanding their reach and hiring talent from different countries and regions. This gives them access to a larger pool of skills, diversity, and innovation. International teams can collaborate across time zones and regions to achieve common goals and deliver value to customers.

Along with the tremendous benefits and flexibility these changes bring to employees and organizations, this cultural shift has also brought about many challenges. One such challenge is the effectiveness of the IT team in troubleshooting problems and resolving issues across the enterprise IT infrastructure. Another challenge is ensuring effective communication and coordination among team members and stakeholders. Two central questions need to be addressed: 1. How can you ensure that your remote workers have the tools and resources they need to perform their tasks? 2. How can you resolve issues and incidents quickly and efficiently?

Remote Access & Control Tools

Remote Access software provides secure access and control of remote devices across multiple platforms. The tool allows a user to troubleshoot IT issues, collaborate, and transfer files, by remotely controlling a device or an unattended server.

According to a report by Business Research Insights, the global remote access tools market size was USD 2.36 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 7.10 billion by 2028. The market for remote access and control software is experiencing explosive growth, fueled by the rise of globally distributed teams, rising demand for mobility & flexibility, and the rapid adoption of new technologies.

As of today, the remote access tools provided by the largest companies in this space, have several hundred million users and have been used on over 1 billion devices.

For businesses, the value proposition is undeniable. Remote access tools can significantly increase the efficiency of IT support, leading to cost savings and improved user satisfaction.

  • Increased productivity: Resolve IT issues faster and easier, without having to travel or wait for someone else to help. This reduces downtime and improves response time and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs: Save money and resources by using a single centralized IT team, instead of multiple local teams.
  • Improved collaboration: Communicate and cooperate with team members and stakeholders more effectively, regardless of their location or device.

Here are a few use cases illustrating how a remote access tool can be used:

1. Centralized IT & Unattended Servers: A large multinational corporation with offices in 3 countries spends a large number of resources resolving IT issues. After implementing a remote access and control tool, the IT team can drastically reduce travel costs, by remotely troubleshooting issues faced by unattended servers. By remotely solving an employee’s IT issue, they also significantly reduce ticket resolution time, allowing employees to be productive quickly.

2. Remote Work for an IT Admin: A company is only able to attract a highly talented IT admin, by allowing him the possibility of 100% remote work. With a remote-control tool, the IT admin can conveniently and remotely resolve any IT issue only using a tablet, while working from the comfort of his home.

3. Seamless Collaboration: A field service technician working in the oil and gas industry, arrives at a job site and realizes he requires additional support from a more experienced colleague. Instead of sending the more experienced technician to the job site, the two colleagues can collaborate using a remote-control tool to share video streams and technical specifications, conveniently solving the issue.

Matrix42 Remote Assistance

With so many remote access tools on the market, it's important to choose the right one to streamline and transform your company's IT support process.

Matrix42 Remote Assistance is a suite of remote-control tools that works on any device or can be accessed through any current web browser. Its intuitive design and focus on security and connectivity ensure a seamless user experience. Visit our website or contact us today to learn how Matrix42 Remote Assistance can transform your IT support operations.

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